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Cheryl Carlin

Administrative Assistant

It has been said, 'Without change, there would be no butterflies'.  LT Westlake Fine Arts Elementary School has changed considerably within the 5 yrs. that I have sat at the front desk.  Changed its name, principal, teachers, education assistants, students, parents, and programs.  And yes, some of these changes have been hard to go through and see happen.  But, without change, we don't grow and become stagnant.  I say, embrace the change, welcome the challenge and move forward.  Let's wake up each morning and say thank you for another day to celebrate life and learning.

I was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario which lies at the southern tip of Lake Huron. After graduating high school, I came west to visit my brother and met my future husband, Luch. We celebrated our 40 wedding anniversary and have raised 3 children who are now raising families of their own. They have given us 7 wonderful grandchildren who we love to visit.

I love to ride my 2008 Honda Shadow motorcycle. Travelling with Luch, we have seen many mountain passes in Montana, Idaho, BC and Alberta. We have travelled to Alaska and in 2003 we spent 7 weeks going across Canada. I like to watch a good football game, paint on canvas or rocks, do craft projects with the grandkids. I can also get lost in a good read or sit for hours doing puzzles.