Grades Taught

Early Learning-Grade 5


L. T. Westlake is an Early Learning to Grade 5 Fine Arts Elementary School of 80 students located at 5310 42 Ave, Taber, AB T1G 1B6. Westlake prides itself on having small class sizes and offering its students a variety of learning opportunities to ensure they can explore their interests.


Rebecca Edwards


L.T. Westlake School community, students, staff and parents have unique gifts and abilities. It is our privilege to find out what these are. . . explore them. . . develop them. . . share them. . . and celebrate them!


  • Lionel Trelawney Westlake was born on November 27, 1883 in Grutland, England
  • Immigrated to Canada in 1905 and opened a jewelry and watch making store with his brother on 1907
  • L.T. was married to Margaret Huntrods in 1916 and had two daughters
  • L.T. was a member of the Taber town council for six years, and was mayor from 1929 – 1934
  • Some of his accomplishments were road improvements, the Taber Canning Factory, a honey factory and an air strip were all built
  • After retirement he turned his attention to education and served on the Taber School Board
  • The new south side school, officially opened in April 1961 and was named L. T. Westlake in his honour
  • L.T. moved to Ontario in 1960 where he lived with his daughters
  • L.T. passed away in Ottawa on July 8, 1970 at the age of 86

Value Statements

  • Students come first and deserve individual attention so that their needs are met both academically and socially
  • We care and value success, we're persistent in high academic standards, developing responsible citizens and lifelong learning in our staff and students
  • We value and respect each student and staff member as individuals
  • All members of our school community are valued and important

School Goals

  • To focus education on what students of all abilities need to learn: meeting individual needs while maintaining high expectations through clear communication
  • To encourage parents to be part of the school community
  • To promote a team approach of services for children with diverse needs within an inclusive classroom
  • All staff are motivated, enthusiastic and are given the opportunity to experience continued professional growth
  • To foster positive, lifelong, healthy attitudes towards mental and physical well-being
  • To develop tolerance and empathy through global and multicultural perspectives.

Vision Plan

  • As a community of learners, we want to inspire life long learning and develop global citizens prepared for the future
  • We envision L.T. Westlake School as a community that produces responsible and respectful global citizens. As a centre for innovative learning, L.T. Westlake will be the connecting link between home and community. Our students will realize that learning is a life-long commitment supported by dedicated staff and concerned parents, but only filled to its potential as the learners become responsible for the learning themselves
  • Our students are inspired to be innovative and considerate role models who demonstrate valuable leadership in our global society.

Education Plan

2024-2027 3-Year Education Plan

L.T. Westlake 2024-2027 3YEP


Annual Education Results Report

2022/2023 LTW Annual Education Results Report