Fine Arts

We are looking forward to continuing is our fine arts direction at L. T. Westlake Fine Arts School. Teachers are implementing it within their classroom studies and it seems to overflow when students perform skits, art is shown on the walls and we dress as compound words. Students have had the opportunity to listen or perform as guests have come into the school.  New West Theater performed their hilarious skit 'Hansel and Gretel'.  HOJA taught us about acapella music.  Joe Porter, from the University of Lethbridge, taught us all about drumming.  We have had the pleasure of having the Taber Art Society at our school a could of times for Family Paint Night.  These nights have been full of fun and beautiful canvas masterpieces have been created.

Multi-cultural week, here at the school, was very busy and enjoyed by all.  the students learned about the First Nations way of life many years ago and made several displays of teepees, talking sticks and needlework.  An elder and friends came and set up a life size teepee on the playground.


Mrs. Otto continues to bring an appreciation of music into LT Westlake Fine Arts School.  This year the band is open to students from Grades 2 - 5, who will again have a chance to perform with the Lethbridge Symphony.  After Christmas, Mrs. Otto will let the choir have the opportunity to create music and play the instruments.  Speaking of instruments; with the help of the Parent Advisory Council, the school purchased an 18-piece Orff instrument set.  Our students love to play them and our staff is enjoying the beautiful sound.  We are also planning on having our students sing O Canada at a Lethbridge Hurricanes game.

During school hours, Michele Tamtom offers private piano lessons.  Taylor Lee will return for another year of teaching violin.  There are three staff members who play guitar, so between them a guitar jamming session will occur with students who which to learn.                 


Katharine Hockney is a local southern Alberta artist who works in multimedium such as watercolour and acrylic.  Starting in October Katharine will be coming into the school as an after-school program.  Check out her website  

Other opportunities 

Parents have indicated that a second language would be beneficial, so Mrs. Edwards will be offering a French Club.  She will also resume her cooking classes.

All students in grade 1-3 will have drama as part of their regular schedules while Grades 4 - 5 CTF will be completely fine arts based.