Fine Arts

Special Guests

L.T. Westlake prides itself on continually bringing in special guests to contribute to its fine arts offerings. Over the past several years, we have had New West Theatre, the Open Wide Threatre company, and HOJA all perform at our school multiple times. During the 2019/2020 school year, we had three special guests. Joe Porter, from the University of Lethbridge, taught us all about drumming.  Steve Harmer will teach us how to 'Fill Our Bucket' and  POUND classes are a real workout.

Westlake's fine arts instruction was enhanced through the introduction of the Exploration block in October 2019. Students were able to pick from a variety of options and learn about topics that were of interest to them.  They have a chance to discover cooking, masks, dinosaurs, photography, drama, rockets, board games, drawing, fancy lettering, gardening, French, sewing, dogs, Art and robotics. This learning opportunity has been a great addition to our school. We have seen an increase in collaboration, engagement, and leadership from our students.

Multi-cultural week, here at the school, was very busy and enjoyed by all.  The students learned about the First Nations way of life many years ago and made several displays of teepees, talking sticks, and needlework.  


Westlake prides itself on providing quality music instruction to its students. Our music room is well stocked with a variety of instruments including a 25 piece Orff instrument (xylophone) collection, African drums, guitars, violins, and other percussion instruments. Ms.Shaw, our music teacher, brings an appreciation of music into LT Westlake Fine Arts School. Ms. Shaw also runs our choir. Our choir is open to students from Grades 2-5. For the past several years choir has gone to Lethbridge to sing with the Lethbridge Symphony. This annual event is something that all students and staff look forward to. You should hear our students sing. They may be a small group but boy are their voices mighty!

We would like to take a moment to thank our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) for being instrumental in assisting us to provide these amazing fine arts opportunities to students. Each year our PAC using some of their funds to bring in a performer for the school. This school year they purchased 25 ukuleles for our music room. They also made our playground musical by acquiring some outdoor instruments for us. We are incredibly grateful for their support. 



In January 2019, L.T. Westlake converted its old computer room in a Learning Lab (art room). This has been a fantastic addition to our school. All art supplies are easily accessible to students. There is plenty of space for students to create elaborate art projects. The room is equipped with several drying racks and sink.