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Sharon Layton


Phone: 403-223-2487

My name is Sharon Layton.  I have worked in LT Westlake since 2005.  I have been an education assistant in every grade, from Early Learning to grade 5 and I was a speech / language assist in Early Learning for many years.  In 2016, I began a new adventure as the E.L. Instructor.  I love the energy and enthusiasm in the Early Learning class.  There is nothing more exciting than to watch a child learn as they play, discover, create and develop their skills.

In 2017, I started working as the librarian and in 2019, I started as the speech language assistant for the the students at Westlake.  I love the many "hats" I  wear at Westlake; there's never a dull day  I have the best job EVER!!!!

I have 3 awesome grown children and an amazing husband that I enjoy spending time with.  We love playing board games, gardening, and working in the yard, going to movies, laughing and just hanging out together.  I love my 'happily ever after!"